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Restauración “40 Aniversario del Minimoog” – Fin!:

In homage to this classic, here you have the step by step restoration pics…


Rhodes: Restauración y Cambio de Grill Cloth.:

Some low quality (last minute) pictures of a Rhodes restoration, Grill Cloth change included… enjoy!

Un Rhodes Suitcase 73, de punta a punta.:

Starting from a Rhodes with little use, but seriously attacked by the moisture, I made a quite extensive restoration work.

The tasks included a electronics and mechanics general maintenance, highlighting at the same time the aesthetic.

See the pics!

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Restauración Total – Rhodes Suitcase 88:

18 working days, invested in a magnificent piano, that was stored for years.

Premise of the proprietor: “Repair everything , leave it ready for playing and recording”.

See the pics…

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Restauración – Rhodes Mark-V:

A rare Rhodes model , just 1400 to 2000 were made, and I think that today, only less than 500 are working.

It have an advanced mechanism than the used on the Mark-I and II, the travel of the hammers is almost 25 % longer. This makes it more fragile, since many plastic pieces have to make a harder job.

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Restauracion – Rhodes Mark-I 73:

A work to improve the sound, the “touch”, and the esthetics… departing from a piano with very little maintenance, modified in unnecessary way.

The owner presented a list, with a dozen of diagnosed problems, as for the cosmetic he said… “a nice interface, predisposes you better to the instrument, making it more enjoyable, entirety.”

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Restauracion – Rhodes Suitcase 88:

Patience, and dedication to update a piano, that accused a very little maintenance throughout its 30 years.

Premise of the owner: ” To do everything, without feel or sound change… I like the way it is”.

Pics Inside

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