Remember, that I Work only with:

  • Analogue Synthesizers (eg Moog, Oberheim ).
  • Electric Pianos (eg Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hohner).
  • Analog Effect Units and Processor.
  • Ask for newly built analog equipment.

Because some manufacturers do not have adequate support, or due to an incompatibility with my work, it is impossible to accept the following:

  • Digital Keyboards and Effect Units.
  • Guitar pedals.
  • Roland Space-Echo ( Lack of spare parts ).
  • “Combo” type Electronic Organs (eg Farfisa, Elka, Teisco).
  • “Furniture” Organs.
  • Any equipment from these brands: Ensoniq – Alesis – Digitech o Behringer.

Thank you very much for your kind comprehension.