Starting from a Rhodes with little use, but seriously attacked by the moisture, I made a quite extensive restoration work.

The tasks included a electronics and mechanics general maintenance, highlighting at the same time the aesthetic.

See the pics!

Imported materials.

  • 73 hammer tips.
  • 146 grommets.
  • 4 Pickups.
  • Jacks and 5 way connectors.


  • Complete disassembly.
  • Total key-bed and action cleaning.
  • 73 hammer tips changed.
  • 146 grommets changed.
  • Keyboard leveling.
  • Guide pins polished.
  • Adjustments: Scape / Harmonic content / Tuning, in all 73 notes.
  • 4 new pickups installation,  volume and dynamics adjustment in the 73 notes.
  • All new capacitors in the preamplifier.
  • All new capacitors in the amplifier. (Using axial format)
  • All the connectors in the amplifier were de-soldered and Soldered.
  • Re-soldering and isolation of the 5 way cable.
  • The whole exterior hardware were chromed and polished.
  • Sustain bars were Nickel plated, chrome plated and polished.
  • Sustain mechanism was reassembled .
  • Tolex cleaning.

Minor stuff, not listed…


  • Great response in tone and volume.
  • Fundamental tone when needed, with “Barking” if forced.
  • The oxide advance stopped in the whole mechanism.
  • Stability even if its transported or gigged.
  • Sustain in the highest notes.
  • Absence of feedback and vibrations.
  • Better look…