A rare Rhodes model , just 1400 to 2000 were made, and I think that today, only less than 500 are working.

It have an advanced mechanism than the used on the Mark-I and II, the travel of the hammers is almost 25 % longer. This makes it more fragile, since many plastic pieces have to make a harder job.

See the photos…

This piano in particular, was showing a very bad maintenance, full of modifications to “keep on the route”.

Some spares are impossible to find, and almost all the manual work was realized over no replaceable parts.

Imported material:

  • 73 hammer tips.


  • Disassembly and cleaning of “everything”.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all guide pins.
  • Keyboard leveling .
  • Lubrication of the felts and guides.
  • Several replacements on felts, screws, grommets.
  • Repairs on 6 hammers shafts.
  • Complete hammer tip exchange.
  • Mods elimination (foam, rubber, glues).
  • Hammers-to-keys mechanics alignment.
  • Adjustments of volume, scapement, tuning and tone in 73 notes.
  • Sustain pedal repair, which had no shaft.
  • Several repairs over the electronics.


  • Now, is “playable”.
  • The hammers travel went from 1″ to 2″.
  • Tone, volume and dynamics are expressive over the entire keyboard.
  • Not more noises coming from “hammers against the keys”.