A work to improve the sound, the “touch”, and the esthetics… departing from a piano with very little maintenance, modified in unnecessary way.

The owner presented a list, with a dozen of diagnosed problems, as for the cosmetic he said… “a nice interface, predisposes you better to the instrument, making it more enjoyable, entirety.”

See the pics and details…

Imported material:

  • 73 hammer tips.
  • Gromets, felts, accessories
  • Rear logo


  • Disassembly and cleaning of “everything”.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all guide pins.
  • Repair of the cigarette burns on keys.
  • Lubrication of the felts and guides.
  • Change of various items… Felts, screws, gromets.
  • Leveling of the keyboard.
  • Adjustments of volume, scapement and tuning on the 73 notes.
  • Change of 1 pickup.
  • Disassembly of all the accessories to be chromed.
  • Repair of the plastic lid.
  • Restoration of the electronic circuit.
  • Cleaning of potentiometers.
  • Change of RCA M-F connectors.
  • Change of the output Jack.
  • Installation of all the chromed pieces.
  • Cleaning and repair of the tolex.
  • Substitution of the logo.
  • Repairs in the case (wooden parts).
  • Several repairs in the legs.
  • Disassembly of the sustain pedal, substitution of the shaft.
  • Taking the paint off, and repaint of the pedal, repair of the (deformed) rod.
  • Substitution of the felts involved in the sustain mechanism, in the pedal as in the box.


  • Better aspect.
  • Equal Answer in tone, tuning and volume.
  • Recovery of the sensibility “typical” on the Mark-I Keys.
  • Sustain pedal, now is functional.
  • Stability for transport (The owner lives 350 Km from here)
  • Better attack and sustain in the hi octaves.
  • Original esthetics and electronics.

Enjoy it, Santiago!!!!