Patience, and dedication to update a piano, that accused a very little maintenance throughout its 30 years.

Premise of the owner: ” To do everything, without feel or sound change… I like the way it is”.

Pics Inside

Imported materials.

  • 88 hammer tips.
  • 88 gromets.
  • 88 front felts.
  • 88 balance felts.
  • Back logo.


  • Complete disasembly.
  • Cleaning of all mechanics.
  • Change of front felts and balance Felt.
  • Keyboard leveling.
  • Polishing of pins-guide.
  • Change of ALL gromets. ( 14 hours! )
  • Adjustments of scape / harmonic content / tuning of 88 notes.
  • 2 new pickups.
  • Change of all the capacitors in the preamplifier.
  • Change of all the capacitors in the amplifier. (Using axial format)
  • Replacement of fuses, by the indicated ones (originals).
  • Cleaning of connectors.
  • Desolder and solder of all the connectors in the amplifier
  • Resoldering and isolation of the 5 way cable.
  • Cahnge of some damaged amp-speaker connectors,

And surely… much more, that I can`t remember.


  • Equal response over the entire keyboard, on tone and volume.
  • Stability even if its transported or giged.
  • Sustain in the highest notes.
  • Mechanical stability in the tone bars.
  • Absence of feedback and vibrations.
  • Less hish-noise in the amplifier, not more crackling noises.
  • Better aspect… more playable.